DevoService Information Technology

Get a closer look into our vision to innovate the Arabian web.

DevoService Vision :

  • Securing the inputs to develop, strengthen and prioritize the Arabic content online, and help our costumer to reach his clients, with the highest standards 24/7.
  • Tailor a suitable service for any need, without any additional cost, via a clear service plan, and added values. In timely fashion.

DevoService Client :

  • The approval of our clients is our first standard, we take the client experience very seriously to maturate the service.
  • DevoService is your dedicated partner to get your work done! For any activity type: personal, small and medium projects, corporations services, governments sectors, and educational services.

DevoService Services :

Web & databases hosting on the cloud, shared hosting, virtual hosting, and dedicated servers - depends on your business size, with a realistic plan that matches your needs.

  • Domain name registering.
  • Server management.
  • Security DDOS protection, anti-spy, anti-malware and keep your data safe from hackers.
  • Back-Up your data.
  • Server configuration and site optimization to achieve the best performance.
  • Developing, designing, marketing your website.
  • DevoService offers a powerful infrastructure, to assure a certain level of quality.
  • A protected data center against fire hazards and power outages.
  • Back-up copies inside & outside the servers.
  • Web design and mobile development.

Customer Care & Support

If you need assistance, open a ticket with the customer service or check the knowlegebase.